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Since 2008. February. 9 Vilnius collectors club, according to the majority of the club members wish, the board adopted the decision No. 08-02/09, to grant the right for members of the club on a permanent event performance areas.
  1. The right to a permanent operating location to every member of the club, provided that the place is free, is not assigned to another member and that he used the place for at least ten events in a row.
  2. Club member may hold no more than 2 seats reserved.
  3. Pre-emption rights to the location given to 8:00, or no later than 30 minutes from the beginning of the opening of the event (if the opening would delay).
  4. If in that place appears barriers that can not be removed, the club member has their own efforts to find a free vacancy.
  5. The plan with permanent seats are posted on the notice board.
  6. Club begins 8:00; Club End 12:00
  7. For information please contact the Club Board or by phone 860631237
  8. Club member is required at least once per 4 weeks to arrive to his place, otherwise the place can be removed and transferred to another, and the fee is not refundable.
  9. In the event of a dispute over the performance space, please contact the club's board.


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