Entrance to the event is FREE

  1. The entrance fee to the club members: 50 € (download anketa..)
    (price includes: registration, annual membership fee, production of club membership certificate production)
  1. The annual club membership fee: 15 €
  2. Club membership certificate production: 10 €
  1. Event fee for the occupied site (2 sq.m. area):
    € 3 per club member (indoor or outdoor)
    € 5 per guest (indoor or outdoor)
  1. The contribution to the club for the club used inventory:
    Large table: € 2
    Average table: 1.5 €
    Small table: 1 €

    Chair without a table, chair additional 0,5


  1. From 01/01/2015 preferred privilege - annual RESERVATION of the club member's permanent PLACE (until 8:00) is included in the one-time annual fee:
    For a large table: 10 € (also for Summerhouse)
    For the middle table: 8 €
    For a small table: 5 €
  1. From November 1 until May 1 (during the heating season) use only club tables in the hall. The right to use your own is reserved, but they will be additionally charged according to the VCC inventory rates. Private tables are NOT charged outside and at the entrances.